discovering an area in full development

  • 2h / half-day
  • 5 persons min / 20 persons max
  • Tour by foot + public transportation / by bike

The long neglected Bordeaux right bank is nowadays the main development area of the city. Along the Garonne Rivers are to be found the urban areas of Belvédère, Cœur de Bastide, Darwin ecosystem, Bastide-Niel (MVRDV urban plan) and Brazza (Youssef Tohmé urban plan). The visit allows you to discover buildings by Robbrecht & Daem, Lacaton Vassal or even MVRDV.

The walk will also be punctuated by a visit to the major landscaping facilities such as the Botanical Garden (landscape architect Catherine Mosbach) and Parc aux Angéliques (landscape architect: Michel Desvignes)