Touring along Bordeaux interwar period secret icons

  • 2h / half-day / full day
  • 5 persons min / 20 persons max
  • Tour by foot + public transportation / by bike

Art Deco architecture in Bordeaux is intimately linked to the redevelopment of the city after1929 crisis.
In 1930, the municipality adopted the Marquet Plan, an important urban planning program which would allow developing the city under a common architectural vocabulary. This plan aimed to undertake major works to mitigate the consequences of the crisis; it was being carried out under the dual impetus of Adrien Marquet, mayor of the city and Jacques D’Welles, its chief architect.

Depending on its duration, this tour brings along some major Art Deco icons:

  • Le Café du Levant (1923)
  • La Grande Poste (1925)
  • La Bastide Cantonal Building (1925)
  • Saint-Jean postal sorting center (1929)
  • La « régie municipale du gaz et de l’électricité » (1930)
  • Judaïque swimming pool (1935)
  • Buscaillet square (1937)
  • Bordeaux labour exchange (1938)
  • Lescure district and sports park(1938)