Cap-Ferret penisula

  • Full day
  • 15-40 people
  • Tour by bus

Arcachon Bay is the favorite holiday resort of Bordeaux residents. With the arrival of the railway, the City of Arcachon started the building of the Winter Town from 1862 on and created a haven of peace for the local bourgeoisie, attracted by the villas scattered along tree-lined paths.

Opposite, the Cap-Ferret peninsula also became urbanized, though in a more discreet way.

In 1924 Le Corbusier built a residential complex; it also becomes the playground for the Bordeaux school, an architecture office founded by four major architects: Yves Salier, Adrien Courtois, Pierre Lajus and Michel Sadirac. Very inspired by both the Bauhaus movement and Californian architecture, they reinterpreted modernist codes and principles and adapted them to local landscapes.