how to accommodate 1 million inhabitants?

Large-scale development of an ever growing city

Bordeaux is currently under serious development, expecting 1 million inhabitants by 2030. This development strongly relies on (public) transportation, first on the tramway network since the 2000’s and later on the high speed train connection to Paris (2 hours).

This tour will start by an understanding of the urban plans linking the three main developing zones as a whole in order to reveal the broader issue Bordeaux Metropole is facing. It will then concentrate on one of the three areas, with visits to key projects. Indeed, three large urban areas, located on the North-South axis along the Garonne River, are currently being developed. These areas differ in type of activities, history, urban spaces and inhabitants (from North to South):

  • Bordeaux North brings together the Ginko eco-district and the renewing plan for the Bassins à flot, a naval working area. These operations happen in a territory that is made of heritage (the submarine basis, the naval working areas, the stadium), landscape (Bordeaux Lake), commerce (Bordeaux-Lac commercial area) and social historical factors (social housing in Aubiers and Grand Parc, Bacalan working area).
  • The East bank is the current hotspot of development, especially MVRDV’s Bastide-Niel urban plan. It used to be mostly industrial terrains that are now a playground for experimental housing. The nearness of the Garonne Riveris a key element of this area.
  • Euratlantique is an operation that targets the train station area and brings together three municipalities. An “Operation of National Interest” (OIN), it follows the arrival of the high speed train from Paris et the crossing of the river via a new OMA bridge. Its aims is to create both office and housing, as well as reconnecting with the river banks. It brings together several sub-areas : Paludate river banks, with the train station and BIG’s Meca, Armagnac-Ars, Bègles.

Group up to 15-20 people / Half-day: tour in 2 districts, depending on chosen transportation / Full-day programme: tour in 3-4 districts, depending on chosen transportation


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